Bridges To Prosperity 2020

Traylor Bros., Inc. and McMillen Jacobs are proud to partner with Bridges to Prosperity in 2020. This year our team will provide a crossing for the Kawowo municipality over the Sipi River in eastern Uganda.

For the residents of the communities surrounding the Sipi River, there is hardly a dry season. The 1,700+ residents living near the future build site of the Sanzara Footbridge must make the difficult decision daily whether or not they should attempt to cross, or let their children attempt to cross, in order to reach critical resources.

While the Sipi River is always flowing, it becomes even more dangerous to cross when it flows faster and becomes wider after violent rains, especially during rainy season. During this time children effectively become cut off from school, and other services the communities are unable to reach during these times include markets and the health center. Sometimes deciding whether to try to cross is not an option, and in the past three years three people have lost their lives and ten have been seriously injured in attempts to cross.

The Sanzara Suspended Bridge will provide safe, year-round access for members of the surrounding communities, providing enhanced access to opportunity to empower the communities out of poverty.

Progress Updates

B2P – PreTrip – Vaccines, Pull Planning, and Accomodations

B2P – Day 0 – Travel Day

B2P – Day 1 – Made it to Alvima – “Executive Accomodations”

B2P – Day 2 – On Site at Last!

B2P- Day 3- Drilling, Torquing and Pouring

B2P- Day 4 – Harness Time

B2P – Day 5 – Decking and Fencing!

B2P-Day 6- Fencing, and Goat Intestines

B2P-Day 7 and 8- THE WEEKEND!

B2P – Day 9 – Bridge Fencing Complete

B2P – Day 10 – Rock Fill

B2P – Day 11 – The final fence!

B2P – Day 12 – MJA defeats Traylor Bros at Pool Competition!

B2P – Day 13 – The Bridge Is Open!

Site Location

Site Photos


Sarah Wilson

Project Lead


Rebecca Reeve

Safety Lead

Mike Jatczak

Support Team Member

Issa Batarseh

Communication Lead

Jeremy Drislane

Construction Lead

Vinay Duddempudi

Support Team Member

David Sullivan

Communication Lead

Fred Marquis

Logistics Lead

David Corkum

Support Team Member

Jennifer West

Support Team Member