B2P – Day 9 – Bridge Fencing Complete

Jenny lead the operation today to complete the bridge fencing. Work entails folding the fence down and tying it to itself. This task is fairly labor intensive, chain link fence was clearly never designed to be folded down onto itself. Team members involved in physically pushing, and folding the fence over the top rail required harnesses but as soon as we had the fence partially folded we were permitted to get out of the harnesses. Every layer helps in this heat.

Additional work performed included removing the temporary scaffold on the right abutment and fine tuning the sag now that the bridge had sometime to rest. the cables on the downstream side sagged a little more than the upstream so we lowered the high side to match; approximately half an inch.

Lunch shot!

Fred got started on his rock fill by greasing and grouting the cables in place and filling the foundation trench to about 30% capacity.

See photos below of the progress.

Fred inspecting the job in the morning, and also taking time to marvel at the bridge.

Fred shoveling concrete in to encase the cables.

A window shot on the way in to site.