Traylor Bros., Inc.’s number one goal is to “ensure every team member goes home safe every day.” That is why we have worked so hard to create a culture of safety throughout the organization, where every team member “actively cares” for themselves and their co-workers each minute of each shift. Through our comprehensive Safety Program and our commitment to continuous improvement, we put our people first.

Traylor is proud to be a founding member of Construction Safety Week.

Traylor Bros., Inc. is proud to be a founding member of the Construction Industry Ethics and Compliance Initiative (CIECI). CIECI is a non-profit association of approximately 50 U.S. construction industry entities dedicated to the promotion of integrity and ethical conduct in our industry. CIECI’s goals are the advancement of organizational cultures that encourage and support ethical behavior and compliance with law, and the identification and sharing of best ethical and compliance practices within the construction industry. Members of CIECI agree to adopt and adhere to a set of ethics-related principles and to accomplish the organization’s goals through an agreed set of means and activities such as sharing best practices; dissemination of educational materials; and participation in seminars, all related to ethics and compliance issues. For more information, please visit www.ciecinitiative.org.

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For anonymous reporting of incidents:

Click here for Ethical Advocate site

Tel (866) 895-1491

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