Early in Traylor Bros., Inc.’s 75-plus-year history, we realized the value of utilizing precast elements for both bridges and structures. On bridges, use of precast elements can increase construction zone safety, minimize traffic impacts, minimize disruption to the community and the environment, and improve constructability and safety. On tunneling jobs, segmental lining systems are continually being improved to help make the safe construction of tunnels in soft ground beneath the water table both technically and economically feasible.

Therefore, Traylor has embraced the use of precast segmental elements. For example, the 19,265-linear-foot precast segmental concrete box girder superstructure across Choctawhatchee Bay near Destin, Florida, included 1,167 bridge segments weighing up to 93 tons each and involved concrete segments (83,000 cubic yards of concrete) cast in a job-specific 36-acre construction yard located at the foot of the bridge. The project is a world record holder in segmental bridge erection: seven spans, seven days, and 952 feet of bridge.

In underground construction, the trend for improvements in segment quality and tunneling productivity continues. Traylor owns and operates multiple dedicated manufacturing plants that continually push the envelope, innovating more efficient, higher quality segments for our projects. To date, Traylor Precast has produced more than 500,000 linear feet of underground precast rings.

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