B2P – Day 12 – MJA defeats Traylor Bros at Pool Competition!

Breakfast was slightly later at 8am this morning, the chefs have slowly been modifying our breakfast to just scrambled eggs, sausage and coffee after noting our consumption of banana mash has been decreasing since late last week.

Today we had down time until 11am when some of the group went to meet up with a local school and talk about the bridge build. The kids were fantastic and extremely excited to see the Muzugu’s. The team passed on messages about staying in school and continuing their studies and that hard work pays off.

A quick note on the blog title.

The Alvima hotel had two pool tables, of which JD became very accustomed to of an evening. He became king of the table defeating anyone that crossed his path.

Unknowingly he challenged Dave S from MJA on the last night  at Alvima to a best of 3 match, with the winner claiming the rights to the blog title for today. MJA who  clearly has superior pool skills defeated Traylor bros in a bout that took them into the early hours of the morning of the next day. The games were close, but MJA definitively un-horsed the Traylor pool king in one of the most gripping pool matches of this century!

The team were met with a song and dance and there was absolutely nowhere to hide from the students gaze.

Following the school visit, the team trekked up to Sipi falls again for lunch. The lunch was delicious and Dave and Issa were able to complete their blog is a picturesque position overlooking sipi falls and the Kaphcorwa valley.