Demand for TBI’s highly regarded specialty services spans many different markets. We are proud to help our clients build better projects in multiple arenas within private and public works infrastructure.


TBI helps transportation agencies across the nation move people more efficiently. We build, refurbish, and upgrade landmark bridges, complex highway systems, railways, and urban mass transit systems. Utilizing traditional and alternative delivery methods, TBI has constructed more than $4 billion in transportation projects during just the last five years.


TBI’s ability to drive tunnel in all types of ground, as well as our extensive marine construction expertise, makes us an excellent partner for agencies that deal with the movement of water and wastewater. We build large- and small-diameter pipeline tunnels in deep or shallow ground and beneath large bodies of water. We also construct dams, fish passages, and emergency pump stations. Further, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, TBI and the USACE have forged ahead with multiple projects designed to protect the Gulf Coast from future natural disasters. Over the last decade, TBI has constructed and started up more than $3 billion in such projects.


TBI has worked on multiple hydroelectric projects, as well as other related jobs such as dam raising and fisheries. Our extensive resume of marine construction projects combined with our concrete civil expertise makes us an ideal partner for this type of work. Plus, with one of the largest equipment fleets in the nation, we can mobilize and start work faster, saving our clients time and money.


Traylor Mining, LLC, a subsidiary of Traylor Bros., Inc., focuses on mine development and management. TM is well-versed in mechanical excavation in hard rock and soft ground, including sequential mining. Experienced in shaft, decline, underground development, and facilities construction, TM projects are innovative and of the highest quality.