Building America Safely

Traylor Bros., Inc.’s number one goal is to “ensure every team member goes home safe every day.” That is why we have worked so hard to create a culture of safety throughout the organization, where every team member “actively cares” for themselves and their co-workers each minute of each shift. Through our comprehensive Safety Program and our commitment to continuous improvement, we put our people first.

Traylor is proud to be a founding member of Construction Safety Week. Click below to view a slideshow of this year’s activities across the company.


Key Safety Processes

On a corporate level, we have established a comprehensive standard template for our Project Safety & Health Plan. The managers of every project will utilize this template, further supplementing it with project- and site-specific requirements. The document is to be completely understood and committed to by the entire project team. It is our roadmap to ensure that we provide a safe work place for each employee, that we comply with all OSHA regulations, contract-required safety rules, and project specifications. This consistency in our safety approach will continue to build our best-in-class safety culture.

For all projects, TBI has employed a safety process/culture review process. The goal of this program is to promote craft involvement, continuously improve safety culture, monitor job site policy/procedure conformance, and promote proactive behavior. The review is performed by a three-person team (one corporate manager, one senior supervisor/manager, and one engineer) not connected to the project. Two-day reviews are completed on each project, one every four months, and result in a written evaluation and debrief meeting. Our project teams receive consistent, constructive feedback that results in a safer work place for every team member.

In addition to the standard 30-hour OSHA class, TBI has developed five training modules to assist field supervisors in improving the quality and consistency of safety practices. The modules include: Giving Orientations; Effective Communication; Hazard Recognition; Unsafe Behaviors; and Accident Management. They are led by senior project managers who provide real time examples, and are given to all supervisors on every project. The modules are structured so that they may be taken over a period of time and include leader guides, quizzes, and power point presentations. The combination of specific task enhancements, as well as improving soft skills, encourages a superior safety culture on all of our projects.

TBI provides every new employee with a comprehensive classroom orientation program that reviews and explains all aspects of our safety program. In addition, we provide a field orientation and red hat buddy system. The training begins with the general superintendent, who provides an overview of the field orientation. Once complete, the employee is provided with more specific indoctrination and training by his specific craft supervisor or foreman. Follow-up interviews are performed by the general superintendent within the first week of employment to ensure the employee understands his or her role, is committed to work accident free, and will never walk past unsafe conditions or acts. Finally, new employees are part of the red hat program, where they are issued red hard hats to indicate they are new to the project.

These employees graduate from the red hat program when their supervisors feel they have proven to be part of the safety team. Also as part of the red hat program, each new employee is teamed with a senior buddy for the first 30 days of employment, who works closely with and watches over the new employee during this time. Although the orientation process ends for each individual, our employee safety training never stops. We are committed to continually training our people and building a best-in-class safety culture.

TBI is committed to employing the best safety professionals in the industry. We have established a new hire and intern program specifically for safety professionals to strengthen our pool of talent and to ensure we always have safety professionals growing in our organization. We will develop these professionals throughout their career, providing advancement along the way. The role of safety professional is very important within Traylor Bros., Inc., and our senior management empowers them to “ensure every team member goes home safe every day.”

New Safety Programs

Craft Driven Safety Initiative

The program places craft workers in a position of leadership within our on-site safety programs, giving craft a direct voice in the management of their own safety.

Safe Choices

A year-long program that features a safety topic related to making safe choices each month, with weekly toolbox meetings that involve more detailed discussion on the subject, keeping everyone mindful of the need to consciously make safe choices every day.