Deer Trail Mine


Marysvale, UT



$2.5 million

Traylor Mining, LLC is reactivating and upgrading all mine services and setting up a historical gold and silver mine for exploration drilling. The mine was last in operation in 2008 and Western Pacific Resources purchased it in 2012.

In March 2014 the team began replacing all transformers and substations. In addition, all buildings were brought up to code as well as all electrical installations inside the mine and on the surface where work is planned.

Underground work began in June 2014. This work consists of: checking and improving ground support in existing tunnels, setting up ventilation, removal of old powder, construction of new powder and cap magazines, construction of a refuge chamber, tunneling of six-by-nine-foot drift, and excavation of drill stations. Mining will be done using drill and blast methods and rail equipment for excavation and transportation. The underground work is anticipated to take approximately three to four months.

In August 2014, Western Pacific Resources, Inc. (WPR) will begin drilling the 3,400 ore zone. Traylor Mining will support this effort with supervision, maintenance and safety oversight, while an underground drilling subcontractor performs the work. Along with surveying and sampling of underground workings, the work is expected to take approximately three to four months. Based on the results of the drill program, WPR will prepare a resource estimate and determine the economic viability of the mine.

Assuming WPR is satisfied with the drilling results and economic evaluation, development of the mine will begin in early 2015. Traylor Mining will support WPR in transitioning the mine from contractor personnel to WPR personnel and may stay on for specific work, such as new drift, shaft and scope development.