McAlpine Lock Replacement Project


Louisville, KY


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


$300 million

The McAlpine Lock Replacement Project, located on the Kentucky bank side of the Portland Canal, replaced a 600-foot-long auxiliary lock and an inactive 300-foot-long lock with a single 1,200-foot-long, 110-foot-wide lock on the Ohio River directly outside Louisville, Kentucky.

Work included 600 monolith concrete placements; 1,121,882 square feet of forms; 464,762 cubic yards of concrete produced with an on-site batch plant owned, operated, and maintained by TGM; 14,215,559 pounds of rebar; completion of the spare miter gates at the Louisville repair station; erection of the upstream and downstream miter gates in the lock chamber; installation of the culvert valves; start-up of the programmable logic controls for the lock operating systems; demolition of the existing cofferdam; construction of the upstream and downstream approach walls, consisting of sixty-four pre-cast beams each weighing approximately 270 tons; and replacement of the existing swing and bascule bridges by the construction of a two-lane, high-clearance, fixed-span concrete bridge which opened to local traffic in January 2006.

Major contract modifications were due to additional rock excavation, Homeland Security upgrades, revised tremie cell construction methods, and utility trench revisions. Other modifications were contract revisions/changes per the request of USACE.