Kaumalapau Harbor Breakwater Repair


Lanai, HI


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


$22 million

The Kaumalapau Harbor breakwater was in disrepair for many years following several hurricanes and seasonal storms. In June of 2004 the Army Corps of Engineers opened bids for the repair, reshaping, lengthening and strengthening of the breakwater.  After a year delay because of funding issues, Traylor Bros. commenced work.

The project involved the handling and placing of 30,000 tons of existing stone, placement of 40,000 tons of new stone on the reshaped breakwater, placement of 800 concrete Core-Locs that weighed 35 tons and were the first of its size and shape used in the world. A 5-foot- thick concrete cap was cast on top of the breakwater to complete the project.

Unique aspects of the project included working in 70 feet of water; the remoteness of the site; the need to have large capacity cranes on-site because of reach and weight; the logistics of working at active piers and wharfs; the temperature and strength tolerances for the Core-Loc concrete; the lack of housing and local resources; the lack of onsite storage; and using the one-of-a-kind Core-Loc shape for the first time.