Quality and Safety Culture

At TBI, our quality and safety programs are much more than processes—they are our culture. The equipment team is proud of this culture and understands that it takes dedication and follow-through to maintain this level of commitment.

Examples of how the equipment team works to maintain our culture of quality and safety are listed below.

  • Tracking equipment deficiencies
  • Active member within industry organizations
  • Work closely with manufacturers (ie., OSHA, MSHA, and Coast Guard) on safety issues
  • Weekly safety calls with equipment personnel
  • Annual quality meetings Annual safety initiatives
  • Internal quality audits every five years
  • Activity Hazard Analysis (AHAs)
  • New hire buddy system
  • Continuous training
  • Factory trained personnel
  • Forklift preparation
  • Man lift inspection
  • Crane inspection
  • Equipment electrical
  • Mobile hydraulics
  • Signalman certification
  • Rigging certification
  • Assembly/disassembly person
  • NCCO crane operator training