Whether working on land or water, TBI remains an industry leader in equipment maintenance. Our people, practices, facilities, and history speak for themselves. Our stringent maintenance program provides maximum uptime and return on investment for our company—year in and year out.

Equipment maintenance does not end with our condition-based maintenance programs or with our facilities to remanufacture and/or rebuild. TBI is committed to installing cutting edge technology on the equipment fleet. Some of the latest systems to be utilized are biodegradable fluids, camera monitoring systems, tire pressure sensors, rear obstacle sensors, lubrication systems, Telematics systems, and improved handrails and steps.

Most companies tout a maintenance program, but only a few can boast the capability to perform complete rebuilds. TBI maintains the staff and equipment necessary to perform complete rebuilds on nearly all equipment. The most notable rebuilds in recent years include three American 9310 crawler cranes; a Manitowoc 4100 and ring attachment; a Manitowoc 3900WVSII crawler crane; two Favco Tower cranes; and a tug boat. Our rebuild program starts with bare frames and then assembles utilizing the latest technology, incorporating operator comforts. Further, with new Tier emission standards, repowers have become a regular part of TBI’s maintenance schedule.