B2P – Day 11 – The final fence!

Weather: 30 C ( 86 F), Clear skies, Sunny & Humid … another day in paradise.

We are so close, with the rock fill done and the right-hand-side (right) slab poured the Sanzara bridge is largely complete!

Jenny led the team in the morning to charge down the last bit of fencing needed on the right ramp by mid-morning.


The team then spent the rest of the day taking down temporary scaffolding, doing site clean up.

The local crew members took up the hoe to start doing the final touches of landscaping around the bridge ready for Friday’s inauguration day.

The 2020 Sanzara bridge team are stoked to complete this 60 meter suspension bridge early in just 7 days, 3 days shy of inauguration day. Great work team!

David, Fred, Issa and Mathew headed up the hill to explore their surrounds that they had currently only viewed from the bridge. To their surprise they found a spectacular waterfall after just a 25 minute walk up stream. The power of the waterfall in the dry season gave these guys an appreciation of the power of the river, and the absolute need for the bridge.

Please see photos from the day below.

Dave C, JD and the team preparing to install the final piece of fencing!

Jenny and Arnold securing the fencing using tie wires just before ‘break tea’.

JD relocating some timbers when cleaning up site.

On out way up to the waterfall we passed a water storage tank that was heavily guarded by intimidating signs and a very sleepy guard stumbling out of his guard shack after what looked like a delightful snooze. Mathew our guide quickly befriended the man. This is where we found out about the potential for the waterfall further upstream.

Fred, Mathew and Issa enjoying the view from the water tank at the top of the hill!

On the walk up to the waterfall, Issa prompted Mathew for another ‘Talk with Mathew’ session on Ugandan cows.

Pictures from the base of the waterfall.

Dave, Fred and Issa at the falls 25 minutes walk from site.

Dave C and Jenny paying their respects to the chefs who were ‘over the moon’ with the bridge’s completion. Dave and Jenny were very thankful for all the Rolex we have had throughout the week.

Sarah W is escorted in song and dance to the car as the women on site were so happy that the bridge was complete!

Note: the lady singing in the video has lost her son in the river before the bridge was built. So this bridge is extra special to her.

It was truly heart warming to see their happiness.