Traylor Driven Photo Contest Winner: Precast Yard, Airport Guideway and Stations

Our October Traylor Driven Photo Contest winner is an image of the Precast Yard at the HART Airport Guideway and Stations project, taken by Ali Khater, where he captured foremen Brandon Cabana and Keola Pasco working together to repair the expansion joint segment rebar jig. 

Below, the carpenter crew stands in the middle of the expansion joint rebar jig, where all the rebar reinforcements, transverse post tensioning tendons, and longitudinal anchorages will be tied together before being lifted into casting beds. There are two expansion joint segments per span. Typically, the first and last precast segments of each span are where the span rests on a pier. There are 213 spans on this project.

Bottom left: Keola Pasco; center, Brandon Cabana; top right, Charles Rice.  

What Drives the HART team?

TBI: Tell us about your role on the HART project. What do you enjoy most?

Keola Pasco (KP), Precast Carpenter Foreman responsible for typical section precast segment casting beds: My role as a precast Foreman is to make sure that we all go home safely to our ohana every single day. The thing I enjoy the most is coming to work knowing that we have an ohana-type atmosphere where everyone gets along, where we can laugh, and get to know each other, because if you think about it, we see our co-workers for eight hours a day and that’s longer than we see our ohana at home. But still we get our job done safely and in a timely manner. I believe that’s what made us so successful on past precast jobs.

Brandon Cabana (BC), Precast Carpenter Foreman responsible for expansion joint precast segment casting beds: I like this position because the expansion joint segments are the most challenging precast segment types to build.

Charles Rice (CR), Carpenter: My role is to help get the precast yard up and running. I enjoy working with my friends and family, laughing all day.

TBI: Is photography a hobby of yours? What else do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Ali Khater: I think photography has become an indirectly acquired hobby. We carry a camera with us at all times on our phones and taking good pictures has never been easier—just find the right angle and add filter.

TBI: You’re all clearly motivated individuals. What drives you?

KP: My drive comes from my daughter Riley-sam, my son Titan, and my beautiful wife of seven years, Chontelle. I always push myself and others around me every day to be better than we were the day before. I always strive to be the best at what I do. In the construction business, all you have to go on is your reputation of what kind of worker that you are. If you are not good, you will always find yourself on the out-of-work list. If you are hardworking, have a good attitude, and take pride in what you do, you will find yourself with a job.

BC: What motivates me are the challenges that come up and overcoming them. And I get to work with guys (all hammers) I used to work with on the previous HART project.

BC: What drives me is knowing I have to stay sharp so I can keep working and provide for my family.

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