Traylor Driven Employee Spotlight, UGD: Jean-Marc Wehrli

Jean-Marc Wehrli, a member of our Underground Division, is a Project Manager on the Purple Line project in Bethesda, MD. He has worked in underground construction for more than 20 years, in the U.S. and abroad. Since joining Traylor in 2006, he has worked on the San Vicente Pipeline in San Diego and the Queens Bored Tunnels in New York, and provided estimating support before joining the Purple Line team. He has an M.Sc. (Master’s) in Civil Engineering from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland and is a member of both the Design-Build Institute of America and the Society of Mining Engineers.

Jean-Marc was nominated for multiple qualities that embody our unique Traylor Driven culture.

Commitment to Safety: “…I can attest to the outstanding dedication and commitment to safety over production that Mr. Wehrli has shown time and again on this project…he displays an unwavering and relentless focus on safety at all times that is visible through his dedication to planning the work, active engagement with all members of the management team, visible display of commitment in the field to all of the craft employees through mentoring and open discussion, and strong and active engagement in all safety meetings, safety stand downs, and one on one conversations.”

Leadership and Mentorship Abilities: “[Jean-Marc’s] mentoring skills are one of a kind, his ability to stay calm and collected at all times is unparalleled in my professional experience, and his ability to wear both the “boss hat” and the “friend hat” at both times is a serious and invaluable skill that he seems to possess without effort.”

Treating the Team Like Family: When a team member was struggling without her prescribed service dog, Bailey, and was hesitant to speak up about the problem: “Long story short, we now have an office service dog. The employee shows a visible level of happiness, concentration, and focus that was not there before Bailey joined the team. In fact, the entire office has changed. Tension is much lower, and everyone plays with the dog when they have a free second. If that example doesn’t exhibit a visible management commitment to take care of his employees, to foster a healthy and happy workplace, to be willing to help under any circumstances, and embody a Traylor family culture to the best of their abilities, then I’m not sure that I quite know what ‘Traylor culture’ means.”

Bailey is a certified member of the PLTP team!

What Drives Jean-Marc?

TBI: Tell us about one of your most memorable moments at Traylor.

Jean-Marc Wehrli (JMW): As a member of the Underground Division, “hole-throughs” on tunneling projects and the parties held after have always been and will be moments I’ll always remember. It’s a great fulfillment to see all the hard work and effort put into a job by all the team members coming to fruition whenever we day-light on the other end.

TBI: Where is your favorite place you’ve lived, and why?

JMW: So far, I have lived in great places inside and outside the U.S. Each of them had pros and cons. Generally, I prefer living near cities offering plenty of outdoor activities in the surrounding area and a beach nearby.

TBI: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

JMW: Outdoor activities with my family, wining & dining, and running.

TBI: You’ve been nominated by your peers for our Employee Spotlight because you motivate others. What drives you?

JMW: With twenty-plus years of experience in underground construction, I’m enjoying passing job-related experience and knowledge down to younger generations and creating a pleasant working environment. It’s crucial for the survival of this industry to nurture new talents and to motivate them to stay in the business. It’s a great satisfaction for me to see young employees thriving at work and enjoying what they are doing. What drives me is essentially to keep the spirit of underground work alive for generations to come.