Traylor Driven Employee Spotlight, NHCD: Paige Wilshusen

Paige Wilshusen, a member of our National Heavy Civil Division, is a Field Engineer on the Regional Connector Transit Project in Los Angeles, CA. She has a BS in General Engineering with a Specialization in Structural Engineering from California Polytechnic State University and is a registered Engineer in Training (EIT). All of her six years of experience have been with Traylor.

Paige was nominated for our Employee Spotlight for her ability to handle a variety of tasks, peers, and managers while being a true JV team player. Despite starting off ‘green’ at the Regional Connector in 2014, she quickly earned the respect of her managers and colleagues through her hard work and professionalism.

Through her nomination, we learn more about how Paige embodies our unique Traylor Driven culture:

“Paige cares about the Traylor people on the JV and is proactive in getting the NHCD team members together socially…She is always learning and expanding her experience base, looking forward in her career and wanting to be challenged.”

Paige with her two children: August, 5 (left), and London, 2.5 (right).

What Drives Paige?

TBI: Tell us about one of your most memorable moments at Traylor.

Paige Wilshusen (PW): Of course, I’ve had some memories while on Regional, but the ones that take the cake when I reflect on the past six years with Traylor are centered around camaraderie and outside activities with coworkers. When I started there was a very close, tight-knit group estimating out of the Long Beach office. My fondest memories are doing CrossFit in the Long Beach office garage, Friday lunches and weekend BBQs, and the Conquer the Bridge run over the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro, CA.

TBI: Where is your favorite place you’ve lived, and why?

PW: I lived in San Luis Obispo (SLO), California for college and can definitely see us moving back at some point. SLO is a great place to visit or live for anyone regardless of age. The downtown has so much character and great places to eat. There are tons of outdoor activities, it’s 10 minutes from the beach, and an added bonus is that it’s only 3-3.5 hours from LA and the San Francisco Bay Area where my family is. (And it’s where my husband proposed!)

TBI: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

PW: I live for the time I get to spend with my family. My son just started playing sports so recently that has consumed our lives outside of work, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Otherwise, I love to cook and bake, try new restaurants, read, and go for walks with my husband, kids, and dogs.

TBI: You’ve been nominated by your peers for our Employee Spotlight because you motivate others. What drives you?

PW: All of the amazing people I get to meet and work with at Traylor. While days may be hard and unrelenting on a JV project, when you finally get to spend time, even if it’s just a few minutes, with Traylor folks you immediately appreciate them, their attitudes and morals, and remember why you chose to work for Traylor. I joined Traylor because of its small “family feel,” and I honestly think that without this culture and these people advocating for me it would have been much, much harder to continue in the construction industry while raising August and London.