Traylor Driven Photo Contest Winner: “Hope Hop Hole Through,” Regional Connector

Our July Traylor Driven Photo Contest winner is an image entitled “Hope Hop Hole Through,” of the Hope Station hole through on our Regional Connector project, taken by Christophe Bragard. Congratulations to the whole RCC team!

What Drives Christophe?

TBI: Briefly describe the photo and how you happened to capture it.

Christophe Bragard (CB): This is Angeli, the Tunnel Boring Machine, breaking through at Hope Station in downtown Los Angeles, 100 feet below ground near the Broad Museum and Disney Concert Hall.

TBI: Tell us about your role on RCC.

CB: I am part of the tunnel team on the Regional Connector Project building large structures.

TBI: Is photography a hobby of yours? What else do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

CB: I enjoy photography, but it’s not really a hobby. When I’m not working, I like to spend time with my family, the outdoors and work on projects at home. I am also a boy scout assistant troop master and enjoy Belgian beer (those do not happen together).

TBI: You’re clearly a motivated person. What drives you?

BL: Teamwork, overcoming challenges and celebrating our achievements.

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