Traylor Driven Employee Spotlight: David Pease

David Pease, a Project Manager in our Underground Division, is currently working on estimates and heading the committee reviewing Traylor’s current safety plan. Dave has 36 years of experience, the last 11 of which have been at Traylor. He is a registered Professional Engineer and has a degree from Penn State University. His two most recent projects were the Bulldog Mine 9400 Decline in Colorado and the Deer Trail Mine in Utah. He spent the past 2.5 years dedicated to the San Vicente Pipeline claim closeout. Last July, Dave also led Traylor’s Bridges to Prosperity project team in the role of Construction Manager, spending two weeks building a suspension pedestrian bridge in Panama.

Dave exemplifies the unique Traylor culture, most specifically because if his willingness to go the extra mile in the performance of whatever task he may be assigned—even those that are well beyond his ‘job description.’ Not only has Dave been a project manager, estimator, and technical team member, he has taken on years-long litigation on behalf of the company.

“Dave has taken on additional herculean tasks while still performing his regular job responsibilities. The most notable of these tasks would be his work on the San Vicente law suit where he proofread a multitude of depositions as well as wrote many of the lawyers’ responses to questions and then proofread the submittal document the lawyers drafted from his work. Currently he is heading the committee to review the Traylor safety plan to suggest where revisions are needed. This is in addition to his current estimating responsibilities.”

Dave exhibits a strong work ethic, technical and leadership abilities, has a strong moral compass, and puts safety first. Great job, Dave!

What Drives Dave?

TBI: Tell us about one of your most memorable moments at Traylor.

Davide Pease (DP): I will always remember the Tuesday night Cross-Fits at Jatczak’s [Michael Jatczak, Underground Project Manager] garage in San Diego. I think they did as much for team building as they did for fitness.

TBI: Where is your favorite place you’ve lived, and why?

DP: We have always found good people and great times wherever we lived, but our favorite place was probably Tennessee. [My wife] Terri was going to school full-time and working part-time; I had long shifts; we had two young boys with all the attention needs that young ones require; and not a nickel to spare. But those remain our most memorable family times. (Life isn’t all about making money).

TBI: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

DP: When not working I enjoy cutting and splitting wood. It is good, physical labor without a lot of thought required – very relaxing and therapeutic.

TBI: You’ve been nominated by your peers for our Employee Spotlight because you motivate others. What drives you?

DP: I am motivated the most by being surrounded by very talented and dedicated people who are all working hard together for the same goal. One cannot help but be inspired in that setting.

At Traylor Bros., we respect all people on a personal and professional level. We express this respect by providing a safe work environment, encouraging work/life balance, offering competitive compensation, and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of every team member.

We have pride in our company and the work we do. We pursue the most exciting work, tackle every challenge as a team, and celebrate both company and individual success.

Traylor is Driven by Respect and Pride.