Project Win! Annacis Water Supply Tunnel

Metro Vancouver has once again selected the Traylor-Aecon General Partnership, a consortium of Traylor Infrastructure Canada, ULC and Aecon Infrastructure Inc., to construct the second of five new water supply tunnel crossings in the region built to withstand a major earthquake and expand the capacity of the existing system.

The project includes construction of a 1.4-mile-long TBM tunnel; two deep vertical shafts; construction of valve chambers; and installation of water main pipe and surface piping. Traylor Construction Group sister company Ballard Marine Construction will participate in the project as well, providing critical hyperbaric work as Traylor mines under pressure. Notice to proceed is expected at the end of 2021, with completion in 2026.

The Traylor-run project continues our partnership with Aecon and Metro Vancouver, with work on the Second Narrows Tunnel winding down just in time to start up Annacis. Our continued presence in Canada, and in the Vancouver area in particular, is a positive achievement for all of Traylor.