Cofferdam for Cannelton Hydroelectric Project, Hawesville, KY

The project consisted of the design and construction of a cofferdam located on the south side of the Ohio River adjacent to the Cannelton Locks and Dam, about 25 miles northeast of Owensboro, KY.  The existing USACE Cannelton Locks and Dam are located at Ohio River Mile 720.7. The construction of the marine cofferdam and cut-off wall allowed for the completion of the powerhouse excavation.

The cofferdam and excavation was being completed to allow for the construction of the 82MW hydro-electric power plant. The cofferdam project included 1.233 million cubic yards of excavation and embankment; 515,000 square feet of cement-bentonite cut-off wall; a 600,000-ton marine-placed rock and sand cofferdam; a dewatering system; flooding structure; and instrumentation. The work was fast tracked due to unpredictable river conditions and imposed schedule constraints.

After the cofferdam and powerhouse construction was completed, water was be diverted from the locks and dam through a powerhouse to generate an average annual output of approximately 390 GWh. The powerhouse housed three horizontal bulb type turbine and generating units with an estimated total rated capacity of 82MW. The maximum gross head at this plant is approximately 25 feet.

Key Facts
Market : Federal Heavy Civil
 Marine Infrastructure
Project Value: 
$60 million
Start Date: 
Completion Date: