Over the last 72 years, Traylor Bros., Inc. has developed into a highly adaptable construction organization with a proven capability to tackle the most difficult bridge, underground, and marine projects. Engineer-managers and craftsman alike follow the lead of our founder, William F. Traylor, Civil Engineer, inspector for the city of Evansville on a compressed air tunnel, officer in the Navy’s Pacific Theater Construction Battalion, and finally, in 1946, the co-owner of fledgling Traylor Bros., Inc.

By 1956 William had bridged the Ohio River and driven his first mile of tunnel. He flourished by succeeding on projects that frightened away other construction firms. Careful attention to methods, equipment, and design of special equipment and excavation support schemes were his personal focus. Ever down to earth and approachable by any of his staff, Bill led an unassuming life and gained a reputation as a man whose word was as good as gold. His understanding of fundamental ethics and his generosity made him an example that goes beyond engineering excellence.

Traylor Bros., Inc. was organized in 1946 in the State of Indiana. The company prospered under the leadership of Bill’s son Thomas W. Traylor, and we are now thriving under the leadership of the third generation: Co-Presidents Christopher and Michael Traylor. Each have been committed to passing on William’s values and traditions to the next generation of leaders. The firm’s home office is located in Evansville, Indiana, with our east coast office in Alexandria, Virginia, and our west coast office in Long Beach, California. Each of these offices, along with staff on-site at our ongoing projects, supports our work building landmark bridges, tunnels, and marine structures across the nation.

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